Floka Charity

One Hand to Aid Every Needy

Floka Charity started charitable and humanitarian work from an intellectual path based on love of goodness and belonging. Floka was founded on June 6, 2012, with the efforts of a group of people. Charity people and businessmen residing in the diaspora, and the Floka Association is considered a means of doing good and reaching the ultimate goal, which is human dignity, within lofty frameworks and principles, by providing a safe means through which a person can deliver all his aid, support and development to every needy person.

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Extending a helping hand to every affected individual to ensure secure livelihoods for all without exception


Man's history begins with his ability to change and develop himself constantly and with all his energies


One of the most beautiful gifts is to give to someone who needs you without expecting anything in return

Floka Charity
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Programs and Events

Floka Charity emerged from an intellectual path based on (love of goodness, belonging, loyalty, credibility, determination, patience, cooperation).
Building upon these principles, Floka Charity is committed to providing its programs and services in relief, development, livelihoods, and education. The goal is to create a new community capable of continuing its livelihood and educational journey to the fullest extent. Floka's team is fully prepared to exert all their efforts to alleviate the suffering of those in need.


Humanitarian and medical relief

Floka Charity, through its relief office, strives to provide humanitarian and medical aid with the aim of alleviating the suffering of our dear people and offering them assistance in these difficult living conditions that the majority are enduring

Distribution of sacrificial animals

Every year, Floka Charity distributes sacrificial animals through numerous centers in areas within Syria and some Turkish provinces, thanks to the efforts of the benevolent and our team spread across most regions. Through this, we contribute to alleviating some of the suffering of impoverished families

Well digging

The struggle to access and use water for residents living in camps is a significant challenge. In our efforts at Floka Charity to alleviate this tragedy, we have dug and equipped dozens of wells completely. We continue to strive to address this gap even more comprehensively

The House of Clothing

Many of us are unaware of the obstacle that purchasing clothing poses for needy families, which is a significant challenge for many. Through this initiative and across numerous distribution centers, Floka has provided thousands of pieces of clothing to needy families

Floka Charity

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