Floka Charity's programs

For years and until now, we have continued our giving by supporting numerous programs through the efforts of the benevolent


Humanitarian and medical relief

Floka Charity, through its relief office, strives to provide humanitarian and medical aid with the aim of alleviating the suffering of our dear people and offering them assistance in these difficult living conditions that the majority are enduring

Distribution of sacrificial animals

Every year, Floka Charity distributes sacrificial animals through numerous centers in areas within Syria and some Turkish provinces, thanks to the efforts of the benevolent and our team spread across most regions. Through this, we contribute to alleviating some of the suffering of impoverished families

Well digging

The struggle to access and use water for residents living in camps is a significant challenge. In our efforts at Floka Charity to alleviate this tragedy, we have dug and equipped dozens of wells completely. We continue to strive to address this gap even more comprehensively

The House of Clothing

Many of us are unaware of the obstacle that purchasing clothing poses for needy families, which is a significant challenge for many. Through this initiative and across numerous distribution centers, Floka has provided thousands of pieces of clothing to needy families

Livelihood support

The Livelihood Flow program at Floka aims to establish small projects for needy families, through which they can become self-reliant in securing a source of income to meet their daily needs. This helps reduce unemployment and secure job opportunities to the best of our ability

Iftar for the fasting individuals

The act of providing iftar (breaking fast) itself holds immense reward. But what if this iftar is for needy families who are unable to endure the hardships of life or for travelers during the time of iftar? We not only stand idly by, but we also distribute iftar meals to our people in the camps and in some Turkish provinces, organizing communal iftars

Food baskets

The harsh conditions faced by most Syrian families in the current situation have placed them in a significant challenge with life to secure their necessities. Therefore, at Floka, we have nothing to do but to do everything we can to help by distributing food baskets and alleviating the suffering
جبـر الخواطر

Soul-soothing program

A weekly program aimed at shedding light on needy families in the current challenging circumstances, where many suffer without their voices being heard. Our goal here is to convey the suffering of everyone to every person absent from our people's suffering

The outreach office

At Floka Charity, we follow up with our students in the process of reciting the Quran, the prophetic traditions, Arabic language, and the jurisprudence of purification through our center, which is supervised by an exceptional team. We are fully convinced of the role this plays in building the nation on sound principles and morals to advance towards a better future

Charitable kitchens

Floka Charity has provided its charitable kitchens in several Turkish provinces to offer meals to poor and needy families, aiming to alleviate some of the suffering for our people and support them in managing their livelihoods as much as possible.
Floka Charity

Individuals with special needs

At Floka Charity, we are fully aware of the importance of providing treatment and psychological rehabilitation for people with disabilities who are in dire need of assistance to overcome their difficulties. That's why we have established one of the most powerful centers for treatment and rehabilitation to serve them.

Orphan sponsorship

Children who are innocent, yet life has destined them to be orphans. Therefore, it's incumbent upon us at Floka Charity to stand by them, support them, so they can withstand challenges and have full confidence in themselves and their abilities. We extend our helping hand to them to the best of our ability

Women support

Because women are the foundation upon which any society stands, and because they strive with all their capabilities to build healthy families that benefit the entire community, at Floka Charity, we do everything we can to support them through a range of our programs

Educational support

Given our awareness of the tragedy experienced by our people under difficult circumstances in completing their education, and our full belief in the role of education in building and developing any society to reach the highest levels of prosperity, our educational office supports this field through several projects