Soul-soothing program

A weekly program aimed at shedding light on needy families in the current challenging circumstances, where many suffer without their voices being heard. Our goal here is to convey the suffering of everyone to every person absent from our people's suffering

The program aims to shed light on needy families within the camps who require assistance. Within the program, we visit families in advance to assess their needs. Then, we return to provide them with urgent necessities. We offer them a financial envelope of 300 Turkish lira along with a set of electrical appliances including a washing machine, a voltage stabilizer, and sometimes gas and a gas cylinder.

The benefiting families Soul-soothing program The Coastal Camps 87

Solar panels, washing machines, and financial contributions provided through the 'Jabr Al-Khawater' program

Soul-soothing program
Through 29 episodes, we managed to alleviate the burdens of life for families who were struggling. Through this program, we provided 29 solar panels, 29 washing machines, batteries, and financial contributions to the families who hosted us during the program.