Educational support

Given our awareness of the tragedy experienced by our people under difficult circumstances in completing their education, and our full belief in the role of education in building and developing any society to reach the highest levels of prosperity, our educational office supports this field through several projects

In its work, the Scientific Office takes multiple paths, starting with sponsoring schools inside Syria, passing through granting YES and SAT, and ending with Arabic, English, and Turkish language courses and computer courses for all its programs. We were not satisfied with that, but we also initiated a project to sponsor a student of knowledge who is childish for a student who does not find anyone to support him. Financially, everything he needs in his academic life until he reaches safety.

  • School sponsorship.
  • YOS sponsorship.
  • SAT sponsorship.
  • Sponsoring a student.
  • Arabic, Turkish and computer language course.
Sponsored schools School sponsorship Northern Syria 11
Benefiting students School sponsorship Northern Syria 2500
Benefiting students Academic enrichment courses Southern Turkey 3347
Benefiting students YOS sposorship - 3350
Sponsored students Sponsoring a student of 800 L.T. per month Southern Turkey 100
Benefiting students Quran Memorization Courses Southern Turkey 1070
Benefiting students Academic enrichment lessons - 2243
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رحلتنا في تمكين وتطوير المجتمع في ولاية أسكندرون

Educational support
في ولاية أسكندرون في الجنوب التركي،نستمر في جمعية فلوكا بتقديم مجموعة متنوعة من الأنشطة التعليمية والتثقيفية لأطفالنا وشبابنا الأعزاء من دروس القرآن الكريم واللغة العربية للأطفال إلى دورات اللغة الإنجليزية والكمبيوتر للشباب، نسعى دائمًا لتطوير مهارات أفراد المجتمع وتمكينهم لمستقبل أفضل.

Honoring students of the Holy Quran and students at various educational stages

Educational support
Honoring students of the Holy Quran and students at various educational stages in a ceremony organized in collaboration with the municipality of Yeladagh. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Yeladagh and distinguished students in their study of the Holy Quran, in addition to students of mathematics and English who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their fields.

Cooperation with the SAMS organization to organize an educational activity in Reyhanli

Educational support
Floka Charity cooperated with the SAMS organization to organize a fun educational activity in Reyhanli, which dealt with the topic “Changing Emotions.” Children learn how to deal with their feelings through interactive activities and educational games, to enhance their social skills and provide various entertainment events.

Diversity of activities and interaction in our center in Iskenderun

Educational support
Pictures of our activities in our center in the state of Hatay in Iskenderun, where activities, events and courses are varied, such as courses on the Holy Quran, the Arabic language, mental arithmetic, and computer courses for young men and women to improve the skills of young people and strengthen them within their community.

Floka Charity endeavors to promote religious identity and values

Educational support
Floka Charity in Mersin - Çarşi seeks to promote the learning of the Arabic language and the teachings of the Holy Qur’an among children and adolescents in diaspora countries, with the aim of building a committed generation that carries the values of its religion and language through weekly lessons.

An entertaining and educational event for children in cooperation with the Houran Humanitarian Organization

Educational support
Floka Charity, in cooperation with the “Horan Humanitarian Organization,” organized an event for children enrolled in educational lessons at the association’s center in the town of Yiladag, Hatay State. The event included a group of entertaining and educational games, with the aim of enhancing learning concepts in a fun and effective way for children.