Women support

Because women are the foundation upon which any society stands, and because they strive with all their capabilities to build healthy families that benefit the entire community, at Floka Charity, we do everything we can to support them through a range of our programs

Women have proven their ability to overcome many obstacles and achieve success in many fields, thus becoming men’s companions in this life. Floka Charity has provided a helping hand to this dedicated woman through a group of small projects, and perhaps the most important of these projects are:

  • Training courses for capacity development.
  • Cash and in-kind assistance.
  • Financing small projects.
  • Dialogue sessions (self-searching).
  • Small business establishment courses.
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Homemade soap making training

Women support
Floka Charity organized a course in Mersin on making homemade and recycled soap from used oils, with the aim of encouraging housewives to have their own profession and develop their skills. The participants learned how to recycle oils to produce environmentally friendly soap, and acquired skills that would transform them into pioneers in the field of soap making, emphasizing the power of learning handicrafts and giving every woman the opportunity to possess her own skills.

A literacy course in the city of Iskenderun

Women support
Learning the Arabic language is essential to empowering women in our modern era, and in turn, we held a literacy course in the city of Iskenderun, to enhance our understanding of the importance of learning and progress, as we emphasize the importance of empowering women through learning the Arabic language, reading and writing.
دعم نفسي

The Mersin office provided 4 psychological support lectures by psychologist Elham Sabaa Al-Layl

Women support
The importance of mental health appears in many things, such as the ability to deal with daily pressures and build healthy relationships. The importance of psychology also lies in it being a door through which we can explore the depths of the human psyche and its thinking mechanisms. Therefore, we have prepared a group of psychological lectures, namely: How to gain psychological immunity, Dealing with life pressures, how do I know myself, how do I be a positive influence on my family.

A psychological lecture entitled How do I know myself

Women support
Floka Charity, Mersin office, invites you to attend a psychological lecture entitled “How Do I Know Myself” by psychologist Elham Sabaa Al-Layl On Thursday, 10/12/2023, at four in the evening, at the headquarters of the Fluka Association in the city of Mersin, Ferransehir, Babylon City, after Mado Villa Restaurant No. 14.
1670371200 إذا كنت تحتاج إلى عدد أكبر من الفقرات يتيح لك مولد النص العربى زيادة عدد الفقرات كما تريد، النص لن يبدو مقسما ولا يحوي أخطاء لغوية، مولد النص العربى مفيد لمصممي المواقع على وجه الخصوص، حيث يحتاج العميل فى كثير من الأحيان أن يطلع على صورة حقيقية لتصميم الموقع.