Livelihood support

The Livelihood Flow program at Floka aims to establish small projects for needy families, through which they can become self-reliant in securing a source of income to meet their daily needs. This helps reduce unemployment and secure job opportunities to the best of our ability

The majority of displaced families suffer from securing employment opportunities amidst the current situation. Consequently, Floka found it necessary to initiate its Livelihood Program. Through this program, we aim to establish small-scale projects that enable needy families to rely on themselves for livelihood, meeting their needs. Floka has launched several employment projects for numerous individuals and endeavors, along with the efforts of benefactors, to open new projects as resources become available.

The benefiting families Mini Market Project Southern Turkey 2
Beneficiaries The Mosaic Project Southern Turkey 6
Beneficiaries The Soap Project Southern Turkey 15
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سيل العيش

To empower women to be active and productive members of society, we have launched several programs, including livelihood projects

Livelihood support
To empower women to be active and productive members of society, Floka has launched several programs, including livelihood projects. In the Mosaic Project, female workers execute artistic panels and logos, which are then sold and displayed in charity exhibitions, with the proceeds benefiting them financially.

From the works of the Mosaic Department team

Livelihood support
We are pleased to share with you a sample of the work done by the Mosaic Department team, which we consider of great importance as it is one of the livelihood projects for many individuals within Floka Charity team.

Blending creativity and beauty to create unique artistic masterpieces

Livelihood support
At Floka Charity, we take pride in presenting our Mosaic Art Department, where creativity and beauty blend to create unique artistic masterpieces. Mosaic art is an ancient art form dating back thousands of years, where artistic masterpieces are created using small pieces.
كوادر موزاييك زلزال

Losing one of our team members during the earthquake

Livelihood support
After losing one of our team members in the earthquake that hit Antakya and the shutdown of the center, it was one of the toughest situations our Mosaic Department faced. Therefore, we relocated the office to Mersin to continue our work, bringing with us stories and memories of those we lost and the places we lived in for years. We pray to God to grant mercy to those we have lost.