Iftar for the fasting individuals

The act of providing iftar (breaking fast) itself holds immense reward. But what if this iftar is for needy families who are unable to endure the hardships of life or for travelers during the time of iftar? We not only stand idly by, but we also distribute iftar meals to our people in the camps and in some Turkish provinces, organizing communal iftars

Given the current harsh circumstances affecting our communities, we at Floka fully understand the tragedy facing families in securing iftar meals during the blessed month of Ramadan. Therefore, we prioritize this program significantly to ensure that we can provide iftar for as many of our esteemed families as possible, through your efforts and the efforts of kind-hearted people like you."

Through this program, we aimed not only to target needy families in the camps but also to organize communal iftar meals for travelers during the iftar time. Your contributions make a difference.

Beneficiaries Iftar for the fasting individuals Campgrounds in Northern Syria - Southern Turkey 194550
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